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News To Know: Michelle Obama Gives Service A Boost

Earlier this week, efforts to ramp up volunteerism and service in this country received a big boost. First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at the National Conference on Service and Volunteering in San Francisco putting these issues in the spotlight. The First Lady discussed to major service initiatives which will be taking place in the near future. On the week of October 19th, several major television networks will be incorporating the theme of service into their shows. In addition, Obama talked about the United We Serve initiative which began on Tuesday and will run until September 11th when it will end with a national day of service. These two events are just some examples of the nationwide effort to increase volunteerism and service through the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. Have you been getting involved in any service recently?
Another way you can get involved in your community is through AARP’s very own Create the Good which can help connect you with causes you care about in your own neighborhood.