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Older Workers in the News

The recurring theme of older works and unemployment was in the news again this weekend. This one from the New York Times says that there are more Americans 65 and over working than any time in history: 6.6 million. And in addition to those 6.6 million in the workforce, another 500,000 seniors want to work but cannot find work. The article really delves deep into the dire situation.
“That so many of them are still trying to find work shows how bad the economic situation is. A lot of people normally give up at that age,” says AARP’s legislative policy director, David Certner, in the article.
The article also gives statistics from AARP’s Public Policy Institute – such as the fact that unemployed older workers, on average, take 40 percent longer than the general unemployed to find work — 36.5 weeks on average.
In addition, the issue of age discrimination is discussed, a topic that AARP has been talking about a lot lately, backing the proposed legislation, Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act.
It’s a very informative article that hits home on a lot of key points on unemployment and older workers – check it out.