The Problem of Age Discrimination

Laurie McCann, a senior attorney with AARP Foundation Litigation recently sat down with Newsweek to discuss the issue of age discrimination in the work place, and the implications it is having on the already struggling older job seekers in America during the recession.
You may recall the 2009 Supreme Court decision (Gross v. FBL Financial Services) that made it more difficult for age discrimination in the workplace to be proven – in essence, victims of age discrimination face a much higher standard of proof of discrimination than must be proven in race, gender or disability discrimination cases.
In the Q&A with Newsweek, McCann discusses the large increase in age discrimination complaints that have been filed since the recession began in 2007. She also gives a little advice on how older workers can avoid playing into the stereotype that they aren’t adaptable in the workplace.
I also found this remark interesting: “As a society, we have a long way to go. You would never think to make a racist or gender-based joke at work, but it’s perfectly acceptable to tease somebody about their age.” Hmmm. Makes ya think!