“Do a Common Thing in an Uncommon Way” – Dr. Pepper’s Sex Chat

We had our regular sex advice chat with AARP “Naked Truth” columnist Dr. Pepper Schwartz. As with most relationships, it ran the gamut from lighthearted jokes to heavy thoughts. Some highlights:
Q: “I want him to notice me! After 31 years, I feel invisible. How do I shake things up without feeling foolish?”
A: “Think of some things to do that he would never expect you to do. If you wear a T-shirt to bed, get a black nightie.”
Q: “What happens when the timing is always off? “Scheduling” romance just sounds… the opposite of romantic.”
A: “I don’t think scheduling is unromantic and here’s why: Remember when you were starting to date someone, and you had to wait a week to see them? Remember the anticipation?”

Q: “We had a lot of property in 2006. Of course, we either had to foreclose on shortsale after depleting all of our money trying to hold on to them, thinking things would get better. Emotionally, we are exhausted and dead. How can we work on our love life now?”
A: ” Keep away from activities, such as a good but depressing movie that will bring you down. Keeping your mood up and happy as much as possible, will be a gift you can give each other.”
I abridged these for clarity and simplicity, but the whole thing is great. Go here to read the full transcript.
“Do a common thing in an uncommon way.” George Washington Carver