Election Year 2010: Hold Onto Yer Hats!

AARP Bulletin has a must-read on the atmosphere around the 2010 elections, and what you should expect:
The elections have Tea Party candidates, sex scandals, lie detector tests, third parties, professional wrestling magnates, intra-party squabbling and more. Thirty-seven Senate seats are at stake, there are races for governor in nearly 40 states, and all of the seats in the House of Representatives are at stake. Control of Congress is really up for grabs this year, as Democrats are trying to hold on to House and Senate majorities in the face of agitated, “throw the bums out” public sentiment.
Republicans are salivating at the thought of controlling the House and Senate, but are worried about also being burned by the anti-incumbent fire. And the issues are as big as ever: Social Security, Medicare, health insurance reform, the federal deficit and immigration top the list of concerns.
For the Democrats, there’s no shortage of problems–the economy, two wars, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, health care reform and financial reform. They’ve combined to hurt incumbents this election year. Most of those incumbents are Democrats, leading to speculation that another political apocalypse, similar to 1994, could occur, when Republicans ended 40 years of Democratic control. In addition, President Barack Obama’s approval ratings are as low as they have been at any time in his still-short presidency.
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