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AARP Cheat Sheet: Monday, December 20

Little rascal
(“Little rascal” on December 2, 2010. Via.)
While the plight of younger workers is extremely troubling, USA TODAY’s article failed to recognize that older workers are facing their highest unemployment rates since 1948, and that once they lose a job, they are out of work longer than any other age group. In addition, age discrimination is a real threat, affecting many of the more than 2 million unemployed older Americans desperate to get back to work. A recent survey shows that 63% of workers age 45 and older have either faced or observed age discrimination in the workplace.” – AARP President, W. Lee Hammond, on a letter published this morning.
“Walking down the street another day, ‘I felt someone behind me,’ recalls Tom. ‘My son jumped on my back, and grabbed the food in my hand. I fell to the ground. ‘One day I will kill you,’ he said. I was in an accident and he was supposed to help me. I sacrificed my life for my kids, and this is how my son says thank you? Why did he do this to me?’ ” – from our story on elder abuse shelters. The worst sentence? “Among the victims are those with dementia who may not be able to articulate the abuse; their bruises or empty bank accounts speak for themselves.” Unacceptable.
We feel like we write this sentence a lot… Google has released something absolutely fascinating, and the world’s best timewaster: the ability to search its ever-growing archive of books for any word, or phrase, and see how its usage has spiked or flattened over time. So very cool. (Tweet us with the interesting searches you come up with!)
Watch those credit reports: “Being meticulous about paying his bills on time, Darryle Watson thought he would quality for a big reduction in his monthly payments. It turned out that four unpaid medical bills he wasn’t even aware of had hurt his credit score. Mr. Watson is now trying to track down the collection agencies that are handling the bills to determine how much he owes.”