AARP Cheat Sheet: Monday, January 3… 2011

(Sheila Poole, Ms. Senior DC. “One of the funniest things about the pageant is that my maiden name is Queen. Would you believe it? As a child, I used to just hate it. When they called roll in school, our teacher always used to call us by our last names first. I was Queen Sheila. I used to be so embarrassed and just wanted her to get through the roll as quickly as possible. Kids don’t want to stand out like that. Now, that I am older, I have grown into the name. I guess you can say that it is okay to be a queen now that I am over 60.”)
Good morning, and happy New Year, AARP readers. For the iPhone users among us, we do hope you woke up on time yesterday. For the rest of you still relying on good old-fashioned Groundhog Day alarms, welcome to the first work day of 2011. Look forward to seeing lots of articles like these, as the first baby boomers turn 65 and reach what once was considered retirement age – except lots aren’t so much retiring.
We also owe a congratulations to our cover girl Valerie Bertinelli, who got hitched in Malibu this New Year’s Day. 1/1/11 sure does make an easy anniversary date to remember, doesn’t it?
“President Obama yesterday signed the 9/11 health bill into law, finally delivering federal health benefits to sick Ground Zero workers who have waited nine years for the help.”
“The reality is that we have a healthcare financing system that pays to treat people once they are sick. There’s a growing recognition that health behaviors are a major driver of premature mortality and healthcare costs….Most people tend to be not very good at making trade-offs between immediate gratification and future health benefits. There’s a probability that something bad will happen to them, but it’s not definite, whereas the cost of changing a behavior is immediate and often requires a lot of effort.” – Kevin Volpp, director of the Center for Health Incentives, arguing in favor of discounting premiums for employees who don’t smoke, who exercise, et cetera.