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AARP Cheat Sheet: Monday, January 10

365.300: Dawn
(Sunrise, Tucson, October 2010. Via.)
Good morning. After a Saturday morning in Tucson, Arizona that brought us the attempted shooting of one Congresswoman and the murder of six others (including this little girl…ugh), it’s hard to move on to the mundane and everyday. But Monday calls…
Business in Congress will go on. Among the items up for discussion: the much-debated health care reform law, now possibly up for repeal. The calendar has all been postponed until later this week, amid lots of comments like this: “We ought to cool it, tone it down, treat each other with great respect, respect each other’s ideas, and even on difficult issues like immigration or taxes or the health care law, do our best not to inflame passions.” That’s from Tennessee Republican Senator Lamar Alexander.
“The Supreme Court said Friday it will decide whether state laws aimed at the marketing of prescription drugs violate free speech rights. The court agreed to hear Vermont’s appeal of a lower court ruling that struck down a state law that prevents companies from selling information to pharmaceutical companies that details doctors’ prescribing records, though without patient names.”
This is cool: “All of Martha Seaberg’s friends thought she was nuts to go on a whitewater rafting trip at age 76. The rapids … the camping … the outhouses! ‘But I didn’t care,’ said the Long Island, N.Y., grandmother. ‘I had my whole family together and we had a wonderful time.’ ”
“For 18 years, Ms. Roberts, 62, has taught a class she calls “Autobiography” on Saturday mornings at Emeritus College, a program for older adults at Santa Monica College, on the beach edge of Los Angeles. She has worked with two distinct generations of students — the first ones came of age during World War II, while her current pupils hail from the far safer world of suburban sprawl… She still recalls a Dachau survivor who never spoke of his experience in class until the day he got up to read an account of the day the camp was liberated.”
That’s all this morning. The nation will observe a moment of silence at 11 AM, EST, in honor of the shootings.