AARP Cheat Sheet: Tuesday, January 18

<p><a href=”″>The Human Voice</a> from <a href=””>StoryCorps</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>
(<em>”Thank God, the sound of a human voice.”</em> Via <a href=””>StoryCorps</a>.)

<strong>Good morning.</strong> Over the long weekend, we watched <a href=””>a little football</a>, Congress is ready, set, hike on <a href=”″>considering a health care reform repeal</a>; and Ron Reagan told us <a href=””>it seems a “virtual certainty”</a> his dad had Alzheimer’s while in office. (This did not go over well with the <a href=””>other Reagan son</a>.) On to this morning’s highlights…

<strong>Boris Gonzalez, scion of major wine family and recovering alcoholic, <a href=””>runs treatment centers for older addicts.</strong></a> “My family has been making wine since 1835. I grew up around alcohol, so it was as if you spend your life hearing that distilled water is good for you, then one day somebody tells you it’s bad for you.”

<strong>A puzzle <a href=””>of life expectancy</a></strong>: “Despite conditions that often have the opposite consequences — desperately low incomes, a widespread lack of health insurance and poor rates of high school graduation — the predominantly Hispanic residents of Hidalgo County live on average to be 80, two years longer than the United States or Texas averages.”

<em>”Today you…. tomorrow me.”</em> <a href=”″>Why this man stops</a> to help people broken down on the side of the road.