La La La … Date Nite Tonite

Ah, date night. The one night a week when you get all gussied up for the one you love for a fun and frisky night on the town  … or at home. But after decades of these weekly rendezvous our dating game gets a little, well, gamey.

Dinner and a movie won’t swing it anymore, gang. As we women age we want romance, intrigue, you know, pizzazz. And we know you fellas have seen your fair share of chick flicks. In an era when first dates happen over trapeze lessons, it’s hard for baby boomers to keep up with the dating fads-speed dating, blind dating, food dating, online dating, blood dating (Ha! Kidding about that last one, sorta.)

Dr. Pepper Schwartz, AARP’s sex and relationship expert, says we need to mix up a little. Find new restaurants, preferably ones that serve sexy foods, volunteer togethertake dance lessons. (Will Smith in the clip above teaches some great moves!)

All great ideas. But thinking outside the dating box is a toughie. Especially if you’ve been coupled for a while or newly coupled.

Thankfully the Interwebs have come to the rescue of stalled couples that are looking for new dating ideas. Stumbled across Date Night, which not only gives you packaged dating options but arranges them too.

So, guys and gals, there’s no excuse. You can get great date ideas. Trust me, your significant other will love it.

Now if they could only clean my house.

Photo by: mikecogh on Creative Commons