Live from San Francisco – the American Society on Aging Conference!

Photo by Bill Carter, 4-26-11

Greetings from San Francisco where the 2011 annual conference of the American Society on Aging , “Aging in America,” swung into the full-tilt boogie today. With over 3400 professionals in attendance, the conference is jam-packed with hundreds of sessions to choose from. Honestly – it’s mind-boggling. I’ve been attending this conference for most of the past 15 years, and it never fails. I’m completely overwhelmed!

But its a good kinda overwhelmed. OK so I’m kind of an aging geek.  No, I’m not a computer geek who’s getting older. I’m deeply into all the topics around the subject of aging. And at this conference there is more to learn about practices, research, theory, programs, and policies related to aging and older adults than anyone could possibly take in. Topics covered include Business and Aging, Caregiving, Lifelong Learning, Community-based programs, Intergenerational, Housing, Grandparenting, Technology, LGBT, Arts, Multicultural, Mental and Physical Health, Religion and Spirituality, Ethics, the Environment…I’ll stop there but I could go on. Really.

So – since all of you can’t be here to trade notes with me, I’ll be happy to carve out a few of the interesting sessions I attend and share some of the interesting tidbits over the next few days.

Hope I can also pick up some good pointers for the next phase of my own aging journey as I plunge into the second half of my own life too!