Moms Prefer to Live with Daughters

A new national survey commissioned by Senior Helpers polled 335 people over age 55 found 68% of mothers say that, as they age, daughters will take better care of them than sons. Add to that the finding that 65% of mothers say their daughters are more likely to want them to join their households and there is no surprise that 70% of mothers with both a son(s) and a daughter(s) would rather move in with a daughter if they are in need of caregiving.

And to all you loyal, responsible sons out there – don’t worry; both parents have faith in you as well:

  •  Nearly 80% of parents say their own children (both sons and daughters) will take care of them as well as they, themselves have taken care of their parents.
  • Almost 70% of both mothers and fathers say their children (both sons and daughters) would pay out of their own pockets to care for them as they age.

Despite the optimistic thinking of these older adults, 94% say they would still rather live in their own home rather than join a multigenerational household with sons or daughters or go to a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Photo credit: bierzak via flickr.