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Wake of the Flood

It has been hard the past week to avoid images of flooding in Mississippi and Louisiana, as the Mississippi River, gorged on rainfall from points north, threatened to leap the levees and consume New Orleans in 25 feet (!) of water.

Officials, seeking a lesser evil, opted to open the Morganza Spillway and flood thousands of acres of cropland and – yes – residential areas. Which brings us to today’s point: You never know when a natural disaster might upend your world. Especially now, as we adjust to a world of increasingly extreme weather events, it pays to be ready for emergencies.

And that means opportunity for volunteers who want to help others become prepared. Create The Good has a concise yet thorough do-it-yourself guide, Operation Emergency Prepare, which includes basic steps for helping others prepare for natural disasters, an emergency prepare checklist, an evacuation plan checklist and more.

While the goal is to help others, you might also benefit from the guide – even if you think you’d have all your wits about you and know just what to do when trouble hits.

Have you been caught in a disaster – or even a powerful storm where you weren’t quite sure if you’d make it out in one piece? Tell us your stories – and then go out and help others prepare for any emergency that might come their way.

Photo credit: www.news.discovery.com