Your Life Calling: Yellowstone!

Your Life Calling, hosted by Jane Pauley and airing monthly on the TODAY show, is out filming their next story in Yellowstone. Below, production notes from producer Kim Sedmak.

We’re “on the road again” as Willy Nelson likes to sing!  AARP’s “Your Life Calling” crew and I have just come off nearly a week of shooting in Yellowstone National Park with Jane Pauley on the scene for a few days. They’re shooting the June segment for the TODAY SHOW series. This one features Barbara O’Grady, once a super fund project manager in Colorado, who left it all to move to Yellowstone National Park and become an interpretive guide.

Jane Pauley didn’t want to miss seeing “Old Faithful” and neither did the crew! Being a team of Baby Boomers, we all reflected upon our past days in elementary school and geography class confirming this national treasure once blew every 60 minutes. Now, it’s every 90 minutes, so we all had the pleasure of sitting alongside Jane – a great American icon herself – watching and waiting for this historic pot of geyser gushing water to boil! Jane said afterwards – time to treat ourselves to ice cream cones.

We shot the interview at the BAR N RANCH -a fabulous place to work and stay. We took the entire main lodge over for the interview and the western hospitality was welcoming and warm. Their location was perfect for us too! Just 8 miles from the West Yellowstone entrance to the park. The crew feasted on homemade Huckleberry pancakes for breakfast!

We did work too! Lots of footage was captured within the park and we were delayed due to a bison “jam” where all traffic stopped for more than 30 minutes while a herd crossed through. Thank goodness Barbara O’Grady warned us about this happening most especially during the Spring.

This story is very visual, but also about a woman who isn’t afraid to risk it all to follow her heart. Catch us on Monday, June 13th on the TODAY SHOW – with Jane Pauley between 8:30 and 9 a.m.

Kim Sedmak is the executive producer of  Your Life Calling. Photo: Jane Pauley filming a segment of Your Life Calling in Yellowstone.