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The Takeaway: Not Worried About the Heat? You Should Be; Debt Ceiling Updates

Man lounges in a pool. Heat wave can be dangerous for boomers and seniorsThe summer heat wave that continues to blister the nation has claimed 13 lives in the Midwest, including a 65-year-old Kansas man who died while mowing his lawn. His internal body temperature was 107 degrees, police said. Still not worried about the heat? You should be. Also: How to protect yourself during a heat wave. (If might even be too hot to do what the guy on the left is doing.)

Lots of interesting developments Tuesday from Congress:  First the House approved a plan that would require an increase in the debt limit to be tied to a balanced-budget amendment. The measure is not likely to pass the Senate and President Obama has threatened a veto. Second: A new strategy for reducing the federal debt has garnered support from President Obama and top GOP and Democratic lawmakers. The plan would save $3.7 trillion over 10 years. The kicker? “The proposal, crafted by a bipartisan group of senators known as the “Gang of Six,”calls for $500 billion in immediate savings and requires lawmakers in the coming months to cut agency spending, overhaul Social Security and Medicare, and rewrite the tax code to generate more than $1 trillion in fresh revenue.” Still confused? Get answers.

FDA panel rejects new diabetes drug. Monday I wrote about a new diabetes treatment that lowers blood sugar by causing it to be excreted and eliminated through urine. The  drug increases the risk of breast and bladder cancers. … Every little bit counts. If people even slightly reduced their risk factors for dementia – lowered blood pressure, quit smoking, lost a few pounds – about 492,000 cases of Alzheimer’s disease could be prevented over the next 40 years, says a new study.  …  From Candy Sagon: Nagging works. Married men seek help for heart attacks faster.

Let me bend your ear. Martha and the Vandellas: “Heat Wave”


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