Victory, thanks to you!

Thanks to the hard work of AARP members around the country, Social Security and Medicare benefits were protected from cuts in the debt ceiling vote.

AARP members flooded the White House and the halls of Congress with over 944,000 calls and emails, and it was clear that your voices were heard. The House and Senate agreed to raise the debt ceiling – without any cuts to the Social Security and Medicare benefits you’ve worked your whole lives for.

We’re relieved that Congress was able to come to a bipartisan agreement (see how your Senators and Representatives voted) that ensured older Americans would continue to receive their Social Security checks and keep the doctors they know and trust – and we know the pressure you put on Capitol Hill helped influence their decision. But the fight isn’t over yet.

AARP is committed to making sure older Americans have a voice at the table as Congress works out the details of a long-term agreement before the end of the year – an agreement that could include changes to critical programs seniors depend on.

That’s why, in the weeks and months ahead, we encourage you to get involved to send a clear message to Congress to protect Medicare and Social Security benefits. We must remain vigilant and convince our nation’s leaders to work together to strengthen health and retirement security for current and future generations.

In the meantime, read more about the deal and what it means for Social Security, Medicare, and you.

Thanks again to everyone out there who took the time to contact their elected officials.