Inside E Street Highlights Grandparents

I recently had the pleasure of joining my long-time friend and colleague Jaia Peterson Lent, Deputy Executive Director at Generations United, for a discussion on AARP’s TV show, Inside E Street which provides a civil look at issues critical to Americans. We talked about a topic we both feel very passionate about: grandparents. Inside E Street’s host, Lark McCarthy, was fabulous (I remember watching her on the local DC TV station so it was great to meet her in person!). In this segment, Grandparents on a Mission, we had a lively discussion about the legal challenges facing grandparents who are seeking visitation with grandchildren and about the financial, health, legal and other tough issues that grandparent caregivers wrestle with every day.

Pat Owens and her grandson, Michael (photo provided by Pat Owens)

Inside E Street included very moving profiles of two of my favorite grandparents on a mission: Pat Owens, who is raising a grandson and is co-founder of Grandfamilies of America, and Brigitte Castellano, who had the heartbreak of not being able to see her grandchildren for many years and is co-founder of the National Committee of Grandparents for Children’s Rights. Both of these grandmothers are dear friends and colleagues. They inspire me and their activism reminds me that often great change and progress can come from personal heartbreak and pain.

Brigitte Castellano, Grandparent and Advocate (photo provided by Brigitte Castellano)

Read more about Pat, Brigitte and four other grandparents in my column that profiles 6 of my heroes. I know they’ll inspire you too…they are all extraordinary.