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Saving Gets Better With Age

In keeping with this week’s “Frugal FunSavings Challenge, I wanted to share a story of my own about how you can have fun without paying full price.

Emma, our 13-year old niece from Ohio, was visiting my wife and me here in Maryland back in August. It was sort of the last hurrah of Emma’s summer vacation. One evening Denise, my long-suffering wife, took Emma to a minor league baseball game. Both girls are avid baseball fans, so they were really excited.

At the ticket booth, Denise-who is as honest as I am cheap-confessed that Emma was unfortunately a year too old to qualify for the kid’s ticket discount. The attendant kindly said he’d take a year off Emma’s age and let her in at the discounted rate. 

Then Denise realized that she was a year too young to qualify for the senior citizen discount. Again, she disclosed her real age to the attendant, who said, “Well, since I took a year off the young lady’s age there’s no reason why I can’t add it to your age, if you’re willing, ma’am.” Then he said with a wink, “After all, I have a spare year and I need to do something with it.”

With that, he let them both in at the respective discounted rates, and they had a blast…even though our home team lost in a landslide.

I guess there are three morals to that story:

1. Honesty is always the best policy, even when you’re hoping to save a buck.

2. It always pays to ask for a discount-although in this case, asking wasn’t even necessary.

3. Age has its benefits, no matter how old you are.

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Photo by kcadams via Flickr Creative Commons