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AARP Helps Latinos Give Back to Communities

For many years, AARP has worked tirelessly on behalf of the 50+ community by creating opportunities for our members to support and make an enduring social impact through programs that lift the financial and physical well-being of older Americans. The organization has also focused efforts on multicultural families particularly in the Latino, African American, and Asian communities by facilitating volunteerism for our members. One such volunteer effort in the Latino community is ‘Compartir es Vivir‘ which allows you to serve your community through flexible scheduling. Whether it’s five hours or five minutes of time, the ‘Compartir es vivir‘ program connects participants with community service organizations in their area, allowing them to choose from a selection of programs as well as their level of commitment. To learn more please visit this link.

Volunteer opportunities are also available through AARP Foundation Tax Aide, which is the nation’s largest free tax preparation and assistance service. For instance, participants can serve as Spanish translators, tax preparers, or greeters to help your friend’s brother or someone’s abuelita from the community garner needed financial advice. AARP provides training, so experience is not necessary. To find out more or become a volunteer, please click here.

From time to time, I will feature opportunities to work in your community through AARP. For additional information about AARP and how you can get involved, please visit: www.soyaarp.org.