Dogs In Christmas Sweaters: Just What Are We Celebrating?

dog with antlers

He's happy? (Photo by TheGiantVermin via CreativeCommons)

Scrooge Alert!

I found myself roaming around a pet store today oblivious to the festiveness going on around me. Had the beagles in tow, so my task was to get their favorite treats and food, then get out.

Dredging our way to the checkout line I saw it: an entire aisle dedicated to Christmas apparel for dogs. Of course this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this; each year I go out of my way to avoid it. Gaudy sweaters, tacky jackets and hideous hats? No thanks.

Sorry to be a Grinch, but America, please, I implore you: STOP WITH THE ANTLERS AND SWEATERS!

For years I’ve received Christmas cards from friends and family with pictures of everyone donning Santa hats and the poor dog dressed paw to ears in a horrible getup. Half the time you can see the tear marks on the kids’ faces who really don’t want to be in the photo. Imagine how the dog feels. Rule to remember: If your kid hates it, the dog likely hates it even more. I maintain dogs know humiliation … you’re just lucky they can’t talk.

I’m all for making the dogs part of the family– heck my dogs are my family. Let ’em sleep in bed with ya. Talk to them when no one is around. Take them for a walk when you want to get away from the craziness of your day. But let’s keep the clothes on the bi-peds, folks.

I made a pact when I adopted Blarney that there would never be apparel. Kept the same deal when I got Otis six years later. I understand little dogs in cold climates need coats. OK, that’s fine. The clothing actually serves a purpose.

So, everyone, put down the antlers and throw away the doggie Santa hat.  Christmas will still be merry, doggone-it!

PS: The same goes for heart sweaters every Feb. 14, shamrock ear antennae every March 17 and a horrid pumpkin costume every Halloween!