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TODAY Show Celebrates 60th Anniversary With Jane Pauley

The following is a guest post by¬† Kim Sedmak, Executive Producer of “Your Life Calling TODAY” with Jane Pauley. You can watch the Your Life Calling series here.

Jane Pauley and I were together earlier this week in Washington, DC planning for our third season of “Your Life Calling TODAY.” This is AARP’s series on the TODAY show featuring people age 50+ who are reinventing themselves in a myriad of new and different ways. It got me thinking about Jane’s own reinvention with the TODAY Show.

She spent 13 years on the air co-hosting the program and now she’s back on the show once a month telling stories about Baby Boomers like herself who are changing jobs, pursuing their passions and in many instances changing the world for good. It was Jane’s idea to return to the TODAY Show and she even came up with the concept! Upon occasion, Jane has also been known to say she now has the best ‘part-time gig’ on morning TV.

It’s been a blast working with her. All of us are here at AARP TV enjoy “hitting the road” with her month after month. The best part is the crew and I have a front row seat. Along with Jane, we get to talk with people who are inspiring all of us to make positive and powerful changes in our own lives as we age. The TODAY show is always changing too! Which is one of the reasons why the show is probably so successful – Here’s to knowing how to roll with the times.

Happy 60th Anniversary and Congratulations Jane!

Check out Jane’s latest installment of Your Life Calling:

Watch as Tom Brokaw and Jane Pauley retake their anchor seats:

And check out this glimpse of Jane’s TODAY Show Debut: