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Volunteers Don’t Drive #TinyCars, They Don’t Deserve a Tiny Tax Rate.

Our friends at VolunteerSpot have a brand new campaign everyone should hitch a ride to, #TinyCars!  Honor volunteers this tax season (and show them some love this February) by spreading the word that volunteers don’t deserve a tiny 14 cent tax rate.

VolunteerSpot - TinyCars

A little background, Congress set the current 14 cent charitable mileage rate in 1997 when gas cost just $1.30/gallon; unfortunately, it has remained the same since then, while in contrast, the 2011 business rate was set at 55.5 cents for the second half of 2011. It seems like Congress thinks Volunteers drive #TinyCars.  The actual mileage rate (what volunteers really spend) is more like 50 cents spent per mile donating their critical services.

Volunteers can’t deliver meals to seniors, mentor kids, rescue animals, rebuild homes or respond to disasters in #TinyCars, and with hard times squeezing personal budgets everywhere, some volunteers have been forced to make the difficult choice to stop donating their time when it requires driving.

The limited mileage deduction and mileage reimbursement allowed by Congress makes helping others unaffordable.

How can you help?  It’s simple – Help spread the word that Volunteers Don’t Drive #TinyCars, They Don’t Deserve a Tiny Tax Rate. 

Visit VolunteerSpot’s #TinyCars Campaign Page and find out how you can take action including:

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