Love is a Song that Latinos Never Forget

I was recently watching the trailer of Chico y Rita, the only Spanish-language film nominated for an Oscar this year, and I heard a quote that had a strong impact on me: “Love is a song that you never forget.” For Latinos, love is exactly that: A feeling that permeates everything we do and is as indispensable as adding sugar to your morning coffee.

St. Valentine’s should be an occasion to renew our commitments, maybe spice up relationships and discover that it is never too late to be romantic. I would be willing to bet that, if you conduct an informal poll among your Latino friends, they would tell you that love manifests itself in everything from our cuisine, music and, even, our work. Most importantly, the reverence for our families is proof that love goes beyond the conventional sentiment and transforms into passion for life itself.

At AARP, we believe there’s so much we live for. We provide tips on how to organize an intimate three-course dinner for two, suggestions for finding the right boleros to set the mood, and advice on how to keep things glowing in the bedroom. Our relationship expert Claudia Campos talks about how to enjoy a healthy love life after 50, while adjusting to changes in our bodies. Also, Dr. Pepper Schwartz recommends literature that may add a little sizzle to your sex life.

Showing your love should not be a seasonal thing, but a philosophy of life. And Latinos have cracked the code on how to do it best. Most importantly, live life with intensity and stay true to your affections.

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Photo Credit: AARP