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You’ve Earned a Say!

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of You’ve Earned a Say, a national conversation about strengthening health and retirement security! Through You’ve Earned a Say, we are taking the debate about Medicare and Social Security out from behind closed doors in Washington and making sure that you and all Americans have a voice in the discussion about their future.

Over the last year, we heard from millions of Americans, like you, who’ve told us they’re tired of politicians in Washington talking about changes to their benefits in backroom budget deals.  They say they’ve paid into Medicare and Social Security and believe they’ve earned a voice in determining the future of these programs.  They want the programs to remain strong, to continue to protect health and retirement security for today’s seniors and future generations.  And, they believe Washington isn’t listening to them and they want to be heard.

AARP believes Washington should be listening to you.  You’ve Earned a Say will help you and all Americans make your voices heard about the future of Medicare and Social Security-taking the debate out from behind closed doors in Washington – and provide each of you with reliable information about the long-term financial challenges facing these programs.  You’ve Earned a Say will also give everyone a place to go for straightforward information about the proposals that are being debated in Washington – the pros and the cons – without the political jargon and spin.

Over the next year, You’ve Earned a Say will work to engage people in every state and community in this crucial national conversation.

So take the first step and join us in this national conversation at earnedasay.org.  We can’t wait to hear from you!