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Family Conversations About Driving – A Few Tips

I recently appeared on CBS This Morning and NBC Nightly News to discuss having conversations with older loved ones about driving. I received many comments and questions about this hot topic. So many of us are dealing with this issue with our parents. In response to these questions and in follow up to my post about my conversations with my Dad about his driving, here are a few tips about how to talk with your older loved ones about this touchy subject.

AARP has a great free online seminar, We Need to Talk, which walks caregivers through the steps of having these important conversations with their older loved ones about driving. I’ve gone through the seminar and it’s very helpful – highly recommend it!

Remember: It’s all about safety. Safe driving is a matter of health and skills – not age.

Watch for signs that it’s time to have a conversation about modifying driving habits or hanging up the keys.

Have the conversations about driving early and often – before a crisis occurs.

Good luck and remember: discuss health, skills and safety  – not age.

I’d love to hear about your conversations with those you care for!