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4 Tough Decisions I’ve Made as a Caregiver

Amy Goyer discusses tough financial, life and care decisions inherent to caregiving.

We had so many great memories at the farm, selling it was a very hard decision.

As a caregiver, I make a hundred decisions on my parents’ behalf every week. Whenever possible, I make decisions with my parents – but many times I am forced to make decisions for them. Some are easier than others.

Sometimes I take it in stride…other days the stress piles up and an implosion is inevitable. Some decisions are made quickly in the spur of the moment – like deciding whether to take time to stop and take a walk with Dad and Jackson, choosing flowers at the grocery store for Mom, or deciding to spend a bit more on organic veggies for them. Other decisions require more thought and sometimes extensive research, such as choices about their finances, properties, health care and legal issues.

Every decision – big or small – I make has unlimited outcomes.

In the three years of intensive caregiving for my parents, these four decisions are some of the hardest I’ve had to make:

These have all been tough decisions, and I know there are many more ahead of me – large and small. I play the “what if” game more than I know I should; did I make the right decision? But my wise friend, Anne, has always told me, “Don’t should on yourself.” I know she’s right. So I make the best educated decisions I can at the time and try not to beat myself up for occasionally second-guessing them. I’m human, and having someone else’s lives in my hands is not something I can take lightly.

Each decision moves us forward … and another decision can always be made in the future.

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