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Window Treatments That Make Sense … and Are Pretty Too!

Bamboo shades with semi-translucent privacy liner. Pretty and affordable!

It’s cherry blossom time in New York and, besides gardening, I’ve become obsessed with window coverings. Spring brings the promise of guests and the brilliance of the summer sun and, quite frankly, I’m not prepared for either. I’ve removed the former owner’s black out shades in the guest room, but haven’t gotten around to replacing them. It feels bare. Not exactly the feeling you’re after in a guest bedroom, is it?

The master bedroom, which looks out over the wetlands, needs new window coverings to keep out the summer sun. Reducing our energy bill would be nice too.

Original black out shades in the guest room.

Choosing among all the options for window coverings can be daunting, even for a designer! I spent hours combing through dreamy window treatments in magazines and mail order catalogs. I was tempted by elegant drapes, cooling solar shades, and the natural beauty of bamboo, but weeks went by and I still had nothing ordered, let alone installed.

Our good friends Tom and Susie saved the day by accepting an invitation to visit. There’s nothing like a deadline to spring one into action.

Now it came down to the bare essentials of need: privacy, views, and sun and natural light. And of course, I wanted the window coverings to be beautiful and eco-friendly – and on a budget.

That’s a tall order, but here’s how I did it:

Left: My husband Jonathan and good friends Tom and Susie

In my next blog, we’ll explore the master bedroom, where I’ll be layering the windows with natural fabrics and energy efficient solar shades.

By the way, Jonathan and I had a great visit with Tom and Susie. We enjoyed savory meals, walks in the wetlands, and long conversations by the fire. And thanks to our good friends, we now have a welcoming guest room that offers both beautiful diffused light and privacy.

Mission accomplished. Now it’s time to go garden. 

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