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App of the week: Exercise and diet with one cool app

Experimenting with a new app reminds me of high school in the early 70s. The banter is the same.

“You gotta try it,” a peer says.

“Really, what does it do?”  I ask.

“I’m not sure, “he says, “but it’s really cool and everyone is using it.”

So I try it-I download the Lose It! app to see what the buzz is all about.  And after a few hours, I agree it’s pretty cool-however, now I must admit… I’m addicted.

A list of exercises I have done this week for quick reference

I think this exercise and weight loss app is the best in its class. Unlike other apps that are just for exercise or just for weight loss-this app allows the user to keep an exercise and food log all in one location-always visible.

And the amount of exercises is huge. There are more than 100 exercises in the selection.  It includes the regular cardio activities like walking, running, bicycling, and swimming but that’s not all.

It’s the array of exercises not usually found on other apps that makes this one mind-blowing.  It lists pilates, playing catch, bowling, water polo, sky diving, vacuuming, home repair, house cleaning, yardwork, water aerobics and juggling just to name a few.  The list is so extensive it even includes all of Wii Fit exercises.

In a nutshell here’s how it works: