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App of the Week: When’s The Intermission In This Movie?

If you like to watch movies on your home television or in the theater-Flixster is a must have app for your mobile device.

It’s the only guide you need for recently released movies in theaters and those on DVD.  It even has a direct line to Netflix for those using that service.   I don’t use Netflix; I have cable “on demand” so I can use the DVD feature too.

Until I discovered Flixster, I would read the movie reviews in the Friday newspaper and try to remember which ones I wanted to see.   Not always easy.  And I’d have to keep that paper all week, so I could refer back to it.  But the weekly paper only helped with new releases that week, and since I don’t go to the movies weekly, this was a problem.

Hmmm…was that the movie I wanted to see?  Couldn’t remember.  And forget remembering the recently released on DVD movies I could watch on television in the comfort of my own home.   I’d scramble through old editions of Entertainment Weekly to try and catch reviews on those.

But with Flixster I’m released from newspaper bondage. Now, armed with my smartphone or tablet, and my Flixster app I can peruse movie reviews anywhere.  Flixster has so many great options I can’t explain them all in this blog; you really have to use it get the full picture.

However, here’s a quick synopsis of the app’s highlights:

While Flixster is a great help selecting movies, if you decide to watch the movie in the theatre;  you could be plagued with the bladder issue.

If you’re like me, you get your refreshments, find the perfect seat and then-you need to use the restroom.

“Should I go now or wait?” you question yourself.  “If I wait, I won’t know when to go.”

This app helps you figure out when to run to the bathroom

Question no more-there’s an app to answer that.  It’s called RunPee.  This app lists movies, running times, synopsis, and the exact time and the length of time you have to take the bathroom break.  It also gives you a few paragraphs telling you what you’re missing while in the bathroom.  It even has a silent stop watch that will vibrate in your hand to give you the signal.  So if you have a weak bladder, this is an app that deserves a close look.

Do you have a favorite app you’d like to share? Please let us know in the comments section.