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Financial Makeovers … We All Could Use One

Decide.Create.Share. May 19 event inviteAre you a caregiver, like me, who thinks about everyone besides yourself? Could you use a day to feel pampered? I know how it is, running around with to-do lists. At 41, I’m already beginning to think about my future, but with my crazy schedule I hardly have time to think about where I’ll be in one year, let alone 10 years….

Thankfully, I know some great folks inside AARP that are helping to make my decisions easier. And now they can help you.

Our Decide.Create.Share. initiative helps boomer-age women prepare for long-term care and their future. They’re kicking off a series of “Me & My Life” makeover events this week to help women like me and you. If you live in North Carolina, you’re first on the list, and I’m excited to say you’ll get to meet Lee Woodruff, a caregiver, working mom and great ambassador for all boomer women!

Up for a day of pampering, makeovers, gift bags, games and some sound financial advice? Yeah, me too. Here’s the details:

Bring your friends, your mom, your daughter-the event is open to all. Our experts will be on hand to answer questions and share tips for how to best prepare for your future. I’m going to be there. Will you?

And be sure to mark your calendars for upcoming events in your state:

If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow @AARPwomen and #LifeMakeover for all event updates and more great information!