The Illinois State Budget Has Passed…Dislike.

Hey everyone it’s late…Jenn here from the communications team reporting on the Illinois State budget. Here’s the news:

 The General Assembly passed a state budget that will mean bad news for thousands of Illinois seniors.  In an effort to balance the state budget, the General Assembly has been penny-wise and pound-foolish and has effectively turned their backs on thousands of seniors who rely on the Illinois Cares Rx prescription drug program and other home and community based service programs.

The state budget completely eliminates funding for Illinois Cares Rx – a critical prescription drug program that provides over 160,000 Illinois seniors and persons with disabilities with access to the medications they need.  The reality is that seniors who can’t afford their medications will stop taking them – and the state will end up paying more for their health care down the road.  Yesterday we joined with lots of other advocacy groups to send a message to the Governor and the General Assembly…here’s the clip.

The budget also makes drastic funding cuts to Illinois’ Community Care Program – a program that keeps seniors in their own homes and out of more costly institutions.  That program will see a nearly $150 million funding cut and many more seniors who might otherwise qualify for the program will be turned away.  The reality is that home and community based service programs are an absolutely essential cost-saving measure for Illinois.   Reducing funding for home and community based services just means that more seniors will be forced into nursing homes, at a higher cost to the state.

Everyone knows that Illinois is in a financial crisis and tough decisions must be made with regards to the budget.  However, those tough decisions need to be smart decisions.  Instead of simply hacking away at programs that actually save the state money.

We are  extremely disappointed that the General Assembly chose to eliminate the Illinois Cares Rx program and reduce funding for the Community Care Program.  However, we would like to recognize the effort of the Senate to restore funding for property tax relief for seniors and we encourage the House to concur on this measure.

That being said, legislators can be assured that we will be reaching out to our 1.7 million Illinois members – in fact if you’d like to contact your legislators and let them know how you feel about this budget please do. Better yet if you have a personal story about how you, your family, or your neighbors will be affected by these cuts please share it with your legislators now.