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Behind the Scenes: Filming Jan Erickson for Your Life Calling

The following is a guest post by Kim Sedmak, Executive Producer of Your Life Calling TODAY.

Here we are — On the Road Again with AARP’s “Your Life Calling” and Jane Pauley, this time Colorado Springs which is home to both the “Garden of the Gods” park and Jan Erickson. Much like Jan, with her eclectic mix of life experiences, Garden of the Gods is a cross roads of plants, animals, and red rocks, making the area a diverse landscape. This part of the country just seems to give life to creativity.

Jan went from being a pastoral care counselor at a local church to creating Janska, a universal design clothing company. Jan’s mid-life reinvention as a fashion entrepreneur literally first started with a dream 10 years ago — and her designs are now in over 700 boutiques. Success equals vision combined with a lot of hard work. Janska is also 100 percent U.S. made.

Jane Pauley arrived in Colorado fresh from her interview with Michael J. Fox for NBC Datelines’ 20th Anniversary Show. So she was primed for a lengthy conversation with Jan that moved into the realm of life’s purpose. Jan reiterated several times “everybody has a gift; everybody comes to this planet with something to give. And you just keep chipping away at it until something hits.”

We shot Jane’s interview with Jan in a new warehouse where Janska plans to move, but at the time it was still empty. Janska’s team of stylists went into action before we arrived and constructed a set complete with clothing samples, a design studio, and a trade show booth. It looked spectacular upon our arrival and the entire crew burst into applause the very moment they saw it!

When Jane and I arrived – all we wanted to do was shop! We couldn’t resist the bright colors and comfortable clothing and I can assure you after the shoot we had a lot of fun trying on all the samples. (Check out Jane trying on JANSKA fashion in our video above).

Our presence was big news too, which included being featured on the front page of the Colorado Springs Gazette the very next day. There we all were modeling Janska’s hats and scarves only to learn the still photographer from our shoot shared our personal “behind the scenes” photo.

We also shot at Luma, a boutique on the grounds of the famous Broadmoor Hotel. This shop carries a lot of Janska items and the owner, Kathy Coleman allowed our cameras to roll on Jan and Jane looking at their latest designs. It’s a unique boutique filled with locally made jewelry and lots of artistic looking jackets, tunics and scarves galore.

Jan’s parting comments were her new dream, that millions of people everyday will be comforted by Janska. She’s well on her way to making that dream come true!

Watch our segment on NBC’s TODAY show June 20 between 8:30-9am ET.
Also, join us for Jane Pauley’s live internet radio show “ASK JANE” at 10am ET on June 20. Listen at: www.aarp.org/Jane.