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London 2012 Olympics Through the Eyes of London’s Top Concierge

Concierge Frank Laino, Stafford Hotel London

As I write this, Londoners and travelers from all over the world are descending on the London 2012 Olympic Stadium for the much anticipated Opening Ceremony.

It will be another 8 hours before we get to see this fabulous ceremony here in Scottsdale, Arizona.  However, I was wondering what the mood was on the streets of London and decided to reach out to our new London friend, Frank Laino.

Frank is considered to be one of London’s preeminent hotel concierges, working at the landmark Stafford Hotel London, and so I thought I would throw a few questions that might be on the minds of travelers from this side of the pond.

Interview with Stafford Hotel London Concierge, Frank Laino

We made our way to London with our “Roaming Boomer” hats on this past April.  We greatly enjoyed the city, and we’re looking forward to watching this year’s Olympics from the perspective of our recent visit.

Thanks to Frank Laino with the Stafford Hotel London for answering our questions, and here’s a nice glass of Pinot Noir raised in salute to all of the athletes now competing on the world’s stage at the London 2012 Olympics.


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