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You’re Darn Right I’ve Earned a Say!

Bob Merri and Herb listen as audience members tell their stories about Social Security and Medicare.

Happy Friday blog readers, Jenn here from the Illinois Communications Team,  following  up with you on how our Herb Kent event went…this week. 

“You’re darn right I’ve earned a say” exclaimed one of our 350 participants as she walked through the door and picked up literature on Social Security and Medicare. What followed was a  lively listening session  held at Chicago State University and led by media broadcast legends Herb Kent, and Merri Dee, and AARP state director Bob Gallo.

Participants shared how Social Security and Medicare are working for them. One woman  who takes very expensive drugs ($10,000 per treatment) was happy that her share ends up costing her only $800 per treatment. For others though, they fear losing benefits and are literally forced to decide between paying rent and paying for drugs.  Participants talked about what they’d like to see happen in the next few years as these programs fall under the scrutiny of Congress and the nation.

One thing was clear – sustaining these programs is absolutely crucial for most. Many people shared what they would do in order to increase solvency or which options they thought Congress should consider to extend the lives of these programs. And while there may not have been agreement in the room there was a respectful dialogue and exchange of ideas. Merri Dee encouraged the attendees to speak up and speak out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKZrGsVVfts&feature=plcp

AARP is hosting sessions just like this all over the country and you’re invited.  Thanks everyone for  braving the 102 degree weather and coming out to talk with us. As Merri said – you are AARP!