More Jobs Being Filled By People Switching Careers

Over half of all recent job openings were filled by people who didn’t previously work in that industry or occupation, according to a new analysis. With unemployment high and many older adults looking for “encore careers,” this news is an encouraging sign that switching careers is possible these days.

Wall Street Journal writer Kristina Peterson said the analysis–conducted by Bart Hobijn, an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco–is good news on several fronts.

“It means workers from industries that slumped during the recession and aren’t predicted to rebound later, such as construction, aren’t doomed,” she writes. “They are being hired in new fields.”

It also suggests that “weakness in the labor market isn’t due to permanent changes that will keep workers unemployed,” Peterson added.

According to Jobijn’s analysis, job openings withered across a wide range of industries between 2005 and 2011. But since mid-2009, jobs have been opening up across a wide range of industries also. To land these new jobs, many workers have had to learn new skills and/or switch occupations. This has slowed the overall hiring process, Hobijn notes. But it’s likely to speed back up as economic recovery accelerates.

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