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Cheap, Easy Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Away

Is it just my imagination, or are mosquitos getting more plentiful and vicious every summer?  The other day I swatted one feasting on my arm that was nearly the size of a parakeet. That thing could drink Count Dracula under the table.

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Eliminating standing water around your yard and neighborhood can go a long ways towards controlling mosquitos in the immediate area by denying the thirsty blood-suckers a place to breed. Empty standing water that might collect in trash cans and other containers, barbeque grills, low spots in your yard, the eves of your house, and elsewhere. Be sure to change the water in birdbaths and kiddie pools frequently during mosquito season.

Mowing your lawn and cutting down any tall weeds will help deter mosquitos by eliminating some of their favorite hiding places.

Here are some other inexpensive techniques for controlling mosquitos which you may not have heard before:

Photo credit by dr_relling via Flickr.