It all Happened at the Fair!

Jenn Baier AARP Communications Rep reporting to you live from the AARP tent at the Illinois State Fair…

This year’s state fair in Springfield was happening! With record crowds and beautiful weather AARP staff and volunteers were proud to be a part of it all.  “Main Street USA” was full of choices, options, ideas and information.

Like  the classic  Rodgers and Hammerstein musical… come along with us as we sing our way through the festivities!  Reminiscent of Oliver, “Food, Glorious Food!” was a definite theme.  The usual assortment of classic lemonade shakeups, deep-fried brownies,  and “insert your choice of food here” on a stick was prevalent. Walleye, Slushies, Gyros, oh my!   We’re sure there were healthy choices too right?!  Yum! P.S. I am now obsessed with vanilla churros and not ashamed to admit it!

Moving along… we took a couple of  “Magic Carpet Rides” or maybe that was Skyrides… as our volunteers found this to be the ideal transportation mode to and from our tent this year. Who says AARP members aren’t wild and crazy!

Speaking of our tent…as fairgoers entered they may have heard us humming “What’s Your Game,” by the Ramones.  As hundreds and hundreds of people came through, they took aim with three corn kernels and voted on solutions to strengthen Social Security and make it solvent for the long-term. We showcased five of the options that Congress currently has on the table and while some people knew just what the solution should be…other’s had a hard time making a decision – and thought it through carefully. We’ll bring you a grand total next week so stay tuned.  Prizes were had – and those who scored the “Red AARP bags” were the envy of all. (Seriously I was giving them out even if someone spun our magic wheel and landed on “key chain” or “chip clip” because I feared for my life 😉 ) 

We were so glad to see so many of our members, future members, and the general public stop by and “have their say” on Medicare and Social Security. If you weren’t able to make it you can still make your voice heard at or check and see if the tour bus is headed to your city! 

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who helped us staff the tent for the duration of the fair. We absolutely could not have done it without all of you! See you next year.