Labor Day is No Picnic for the Unemployed

labor day picnicLabor Day isn’t the easiest holiday for the millions of folks who are unemployed.

For family and friends of people who are jobless, being unsure of what to say – or not say – is tough as well (the link has some good advice).

It’s an especially difficult time for people who haven’t had to job-hunt in years, and for workers with multiple decades of experience who often face age bias. AARP has resources to help on topics from decoding job listing jargon to jump-starting your job hunt.

How social media can help (or hurt) your job search. Once upon a time networking used to refer to making face-to-face connections. Now it’s all about leveraging your extended network (not just who you know, but who your contacts may know). This article is a primer on how LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can be useful in your job search. If you’ve been reluctant to dip your toe into LinkedIn, this post may convince you (also try the free “LinkedIn 101″ webinars for newbies). If you’re on LinkedIn already, check out Turbo-Charge Your Job Search with LinkedIn Groups.

Free Webinar: Social Media Basics to Support Your Job Search. Overwhelmed by the different ways to search for jobs online? Want to get started on LinkedIn but not sure where to begin? A free webinar AARP offered recently will be available for online mid-month.

Resources for experienced workers on job-hunting, changing careers and more: Find job-hunting articles and resources on our web site and learn about Work Reimagined, which connects job seekers with employers who have job openings – and who have committed to level the playing field for experienced workers. Also see past winners of our Best Employers for Workers Over 50 Awards. You can also find useful information if you’re looking to change careers, be your own boss, or want part-time work.

If you’re one of the ones lucky enough to be employed as another Labor Day comes and goes, please share this post with others who aren’t as fortunate. Let’s all hope the employment picture brightens before next September.

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Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Thomsen via Flickr Creative Commons