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5 Ways to Stay Out of the Presidential Debate Spin Cycle

With President Obama holding a narrow lead in the polls and looking to close the sale, and challenger Mitt Romney searching for a game-changing big play, the stakes in this year’s presidential debates are probably even higher than usual. The initial debate, which will focus on domestic policy, takes place on Wednesday at 9 p.m. (Eastern Time) in Denver, with PBS NewsHour host Jim Lehrer moderating. From PBS, here’s a preview of the debate.
240-barack-obama-mitt-romeny-first-debate-2012[1]Even before the candidates meet on stage, both campaigns are furiously trying to influence how voters will perceive the debate. (The spin is enough to make you dizzy.) But here are some online resources that can help you be an informed viewer who’s able to sift through the rhetoric and get to the substance.

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