Sometimes Being Cheap Costs You Money

Frugal folks rightfullsavings challenge for taray take great pride in all the terrific bargains they score and how much they manage to save through their thrift-craft. I’ve met thousands of proud, self-proclaimed “cheapskates” over the years, I know all about bargain hunting bragging rights.

But sometimes even the most savvy shoppers slip up and buy something that turns out not to be quite the bargain they thought it was, and that’s the theme of this week’s “Cheap Regrets” Savings Challenge.

Enter the Cheap Regrets Challenge.

Set your frugal pride aside this week, and tell us about the biggest budgetary blunders you’ve ever made. Maybe it’s something you bought that you later found out you paid way too much for, or a product that miserably failed to perform as promised. Or have you ever fallen for a scam – it happens to the best of us! – or loaned someone money or made an investment that turned sour? Anything goes … we really want to hear about your spending woes.

Don’t be embarrassed, just tell us about your “cheap regrets” by Sunday, October 21 and you might win a prize. And, better yet, if you have a photo of your spending regret, be sure to post it as well to our contest thread.

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