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Larry Hagman: 5 of His Most Fascinating Possessions

Larry Hagman, who died on Nov. 23 at age 81┬áin Dallas, will be long remembered for his portrayal of the deliciously Machiavellian John Ross “J.R.” Ewing in the long-running (1978-91) CBS prime-time soap opera Dallas. During the famous March 21, 1980, “Who Shot J.R.?” episode, an astounding 300 million people in 57 countries tuned in to watch Hagman’s character take a bullet from a mysterious assailant – who turned out to be his sister-in-law/mistress, Kristin Shepard (portrayed by Mary Crosby). When TNT revived the series in 2012, Hagman – ever the trouper – returned as an integral part of the series, despite being ill with cancer at the time. “I like to work, and I like to work with my buddies,” he explained.

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But Hagman wasn’t just larger-than-life on the small screen. In June 2011, Hagman staged one of the most spectacular celebrity memorabilia auctions in history at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills. “There comes a time, even in J.R. Ewing’s life, when you have to downsize,” he said, tongue-in-cheek. Hagman garnered an impressive $500,000 for his horde of 413 items.

Here are five of the items that went on the auction block (along with the winning bids):


Here’s a glimpse of the auction reception: