2013: It Is Time for Reinvention

If you are reading this post it means that those alarmed interpretations of the Mayan calendar were wrong and we all have the best ahead of us. 2012 was a year when we talked about inequality, cared about our health and spoke up about the future of our Social Security and Medicare benefits, among many more topics.

For the New Year, we have to deal with Uncle Sam, enjoy with precaution our beautiful winter to then prepare for another warm and colorful season, it is a process of constant renewal. I see the opportunity to reinvent ourselves in a way that you keep your options open and remain in control of your future. At AARP, we work diligently to provide you with the information, tools and services that fit your lifestyle.

Do you want to regain and maintain control of your health? We offer well-researched advice on exercising, eating healthier and managing your relationships with health care providers. The landscape on this front remains under incessant transformation so it is critical for all of us to stay on top of it so we can choose what’s best for our future.

Thinking about managing your money more efficiently? We have developed tools that help you organize your finances like retirement, 401(k) and Social Security Benefits calculators and more. We also suggest smart ways to save when shopping and have to learn more about complex issues like the “fiscal cliff” or dealing with your mortgage.

Ready for a career makeover but not sure where to look for an opportunity? Work Reimagined is the first talent exchange dedicated to helping companies find experienced workers and seasoned professionals to connect with more satisfying jobs. Don’t think because of your age you are not attractive to employers. You have acquired a wealth of experience and skills that make you a very marketable worker. AARP will help you make the connections you are looking for: Feel empowered!

In closing, there’s so much still ahead of us; let all our plans and dreams come to fruition. For now, let’s all enjoy those succulent dishes and family warmth that only the holidays can bring. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Photo Credit: AARP