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Obama Ready to Propose Big Changes in Medicare, Social Security?

When President Obama’s budget arrives on Capitol Hill on April 10, lawmakers in the opposition party – in keeping with a time-honored Washington custom – are certain to immediately brand it “Dead on Arrival.” This year, however, Obama’s fellow Democrats may not be far behind.

BUDGETObama is reportedly ready to propose some big changes in Medicare and Social Security – two programs that Democrats have traditionally gone to the mat to protect.

As Salon’s Joan Walsh reports: “White House sources are now telling reporters that the president is ‘strongly considering’ including entitlement cuts in his 2014 budget, to be introduced around April 10. The budget could lay out precise cuts to Social Security and Medicare, as well as Medicaid, that the president has reportedly been offering in futile negotiations with Republicans, but that he’s never officially spelled out.”

So what are the changes that Obama could propose? Here’s a rundown:


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