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The Rolling Stones: 5 of Their Most Outrageous Tour Moments

The ancient Greeks had the Dionysian mysteries, when they would abandon propriety, dance wildly in a trance-like state and revel in various sorts of intoxicated excess. For boomers, that sounds eerily similar to Rolling Stones concerts of our youth. A 1972 Associated Press account of a Stones show at Philadelphia’s Spectrum arena – “a festival of heat, hysteria, perfume, sweat, marijuana smoke and deafening music inside” – merely grazes the surface of the hedonistic mass ritual.

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Rolling_Stones_1975Flashbacks to favorite Stones-induced moments have begun again, with the coming of the “world’s greatest rock and roll band’s” 50 and Counting Tour. The shows commemorate the band’s 50th anniversary. Or perhaps the 51st, depending whether you start at the first gig by Mick Jagger, and guitarists Keith Richards and the late Brian Jones in London in July 1962, or wait until former bassist Bill Wyman and drummer Charlie Watts joined in February 1963.


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Either way, this is a good time to count off some of the outrageous moments of the Stones’ classic tours:

Andrew Perry, a rock critic for The Telegraph, a British newspaper, offers his own list of the top 10 performances by the Stones. We’d love to hear your memories of great Stones concerts that you attended (post them in the comments section below).


Photo (1975): Tony Morelli via Flickr/Wikipedia


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