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3 Questions When Utility Companies Try to Raise Your Rates

utilities_raiseAcross the country, a number of gas and electric companies are looking to increase their customers’ bills. The cost of everything is going up, but sometimes utilities ask for too much. Here are 3 questions you should ask the next time your utility company tries to raise your rates:

1) When rates go up, will quality improve? Is the utility being held accountable for providing reliable service?

2) What impact do raised rates have on the company’s profit? Is the utility asking for profits that are above market rates? Are shareholders pocketing excessive profits on the backs of the company’s customers?

3) Who’s watching out for your interest? Does your state have a utility consumer advocate to fight for you before state regulators?

In most states, utility companies must seek permission from a state agency (often called the Public Utility Commission) – or through legislation – to raise rates. AARP is fighting in 38 states to make sure these rates are fair and reasonable – and that you get to keep your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Here’s a snapshot:

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