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Amar Bose: He Made Music Sound Better

Whether you’re a hard-core audiophile who wants the principal timpanist from the New York Philharmonic to sound as if he’s in your living room, or merely someone who likes to crank up the volume on the stereo and play air guitar to Cream’s “Sunshine of Your Love,” Bose is a brand you surely recognize. The 49-year-old Massachusetts-based company is one of the most illustrious names in audio equipment, making everything from noise-cancelling headphones to the loudspeaker system in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel.

800px-Bose_Car_HifiGiven the nature of its business, you might think that Bose is some sort of geeky acronym. In fact, though, it’s the surname of the company’s founder, Amar Bose, who died on July 12 at age 83 in Wayland, Mass.

As a young engineering student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1950s, Bose became frustrated that his own record player and speakers just didn’t sound good to him. His quest for more realistic-sounding recorded music led him to found Bose Corp. in 1964 and, ultimately, to become both a famed inventor and entrepreneur and a member of Forbes magazine’s 2011 list of global billionaires.

Here are some facts about Bose and why your ears should be grateful to him:


Here’s a vintage Bose commercial, which makes the point that its speakers may reproduce sound too realistically.




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Photo: D0c via the German Wikipedia project