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States Step Up for Retirement Security

Piggy_BankAre you saving (enough) for retirement? The numbers paint a worrisome picture – for Americans, our families and the nation.

Clearly, we need some help to get on the road to retirement savings – and more effective ways to save money for our future. This is where the states come in – with some innovative solutions to help their residents start saving, or save more.

Take Oregon. This month, the state legislature voted to set up a task force that is charged with studying ways to help workers save for retirement. Gov. John Kitzhaber has indicated his support of the bill, and once he signs it, the Oregon Retirement Savings Task Force will get working.

Why? Because Oregonians want and need plans that will help them save for retirement. Residents surveyed this year by AARP Oregon found:

Other states are also considering innovations to help their citizens save for retirement.

Still, more needs to be done. AARP will continue to work across the states – and at the national level – to help Americans prepare for their financial future, supporting innovative approaches that help ensure retirement security.

Are you saving (enough) for retirement? Check out AARP’s Retirement Calculator to find out!

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