$3 Billion Saved – For You

moneyFrom Alaska to Florida – AARP is fighting to save you money on your utility bills and protect reliable utility services, for you.  So far, this and last year alone, we kept an estimated $3 billion in the pockets of consumers.  And, that savings on your behalf is why we’re in this.  Whether it’s your electricity, gas or phone: In 42 states, we’re fighting for affordable, reliable, accessible utility service – for you.

Here is what’s hot in our multi-state utilities campaign now:

  • In Arizona, AARP is fighting to stop electric deregulation because it will have little benefit to residential customers, and potentially result in higher rates.
  • In Alabama, we’re fighting for our members and Alabama families against unfair gas and electric bills.  AARP Alabama State President Jack Bradford recently wrote, “As AARP Alabama’s volunteer state president, I see firsthand how unfair utility bills affect many of our 450,000 members who live on fixed incomes. They struggle to pay some of the highest electric bills in the country and often have to choose between paying for medicine, groceries or their electricity.”
  • In Kentucky, we’re fighting against a proposed 19 percent electric rate hike that would cost the average residential electric customer an additional $264 a year.
  • In New Jersey, we’re fighting against a variety of utility rate increases, including some tied to Superstorm Sandy.
  • In New York and New Jersey, we’re fighting to protect landline phone service for seniors and families who rely on it.
  • In New York, we’re fighting to create an Independent Utility Advocate Office as a “watchdog” to protect consumers.

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Here are highlights of some major victories we won for you:

  • In Connecticut, AARP fought successfully to defeat an “Energy Auction” proposal which would have impacted 800,000 customers of CL&P and UI who use “standard service.”  If the proposal had passed, the electric accounts of these customers would have been sold to the highest bidding private energy company – without their permission, and with no guarantee of any savings in the future.
  • In Connecticut and Kentucky, AARP protected landline phone service for customers who rely on it.
  • In Missouri, AARP saved consumers hundreds of millions of dollars by stopping three pieces of electric, water and gas legislation, each of which would have raised rates.  The first, imposing electric utility surcharges, died in the legislature.  The water utilities proposal went down to defeat in the Senate, and Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed the third, which would have let natural gas utilities increase surcharges.
  • In Oklahoma, AARP won a more than $600,000 rate decrease for residential gas and electric customers.
  • In Wyoming, AARP fought successfully to protect the Office of Consumer Advocate.Check out even more ways.

And, there’s much more to come.  To stay up-to-date on our multi-state utility campaign, check back here each week for my blog, or sign up for the AARP Advocates e-newsletter.  For more information about what’s going on in your state, click here.