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Finding the Healthy Sexual Aid for Him

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Dr. Pepper Schwartz assures us: “Many men are grateful (as are their partners) for the consultation and array of answers that will not put their life in danger.”

Q: My wife doesn’t want me to take prescription sexual aids, such as Viagra, because she fears I’ll have a heart attack or stroke. It worked well for me, the first and only time I got to use it. In her defense, I did suffer a heart attack at 38. My question is, are there alternative over-the-counter drugs or natural herbs that can help?

Dr. Pepper Schwartz: Have you talked to a doctor about this? I would at least get a consult on the drugs and their possible effect on your heart. If that is contraindicated, as it well might be, there are a number of other possibilities. There are a lot of herbal products out there. Usually the active ingredient for erectile boost is L-Arginine, which has been shown to increase blood flow, so it might be of some assistance. Whether it adds enough rigidity is not clear, but it is worth looking into.

Still, I would use caution on herbal products: They are not regulated by the FDA and so you should be ultra-careful – not only to make sure any herbal supplement is made by a respectable company (since there are a lot of worthless and unchecked products in this category), but also because there might be some herbs that would be dangerous for your heart.

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Another way to go that really does work predictably for many men is to get a prescription for shots that are given (by you) directly into the penis. Your physician can tell you about the composition of the solution and show you how to do it, if he or she thinks it’s the right answer for you. It is remarkably painless – think about the shots you have gotten lately when you didn’t even know the shot was already over! A lot of doctors and clients report that this method quite  successfully pumps up the penis of an aroused man without a long waiting period before sexual intercourse.

There are other possible answers as well. What you need to do is go see a urologist or specialist in sexual medicine (preferably someone who is both!) and he or she will tell you about all the other choices (implants and pumps among them) and evaluate their safety and efficacy for your individual situation. It may seem like a lot to do, but many men are grateful (as are their partners) for the consultation and array of answers that will not put their life in danger.

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