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Should We Still Call Them ‘Films’?

Paramount has announced that it will become the first Hollywood studio to stop releasing movies on reels of old-fashioned film, a medium that’s been around since the movie industry began some 120 years ago. Paramount’s The Wolf of Wall Street is the first blockbuster to come out only in digital format.

Anamorphic digital soundOther studios are sure to follow. Movies increasingly are shot with digital cameras, edited on computers, and distributed on a paperback-book-sized hard drive or by satellite transmission. Only 15 percent of the 42,803 screens in the United States and Canada don’t yet have digital projectors, according to the Motion Picture Association of America.

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With movies on film about to go the way of the drive-in double feature, newsreels and free dish night, here are a few facts that help bid a fond farewell.


Here’s a clip from the 1971 film The Projectionist, with Rodney Dangerfield, in his screen debut, working with old-fashioned film.


Photo: Jay Holben via Wikipedia

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